The Big Atheism-Theism Debate: Dr Arif Ahmed Vs Abdullah al Andalusi, on Existence of God & Morality Without God [Nottingham University]

The Muslim Debate Initiative

MDI is pleased to present the video of the amazing and lively debate between renown Atheist speaker and Cambridge lecturer on Philosophy, Dr Arif Ahmed, and international Muslim speaker and co-founder of the Muslim Debate Initiative, Abdullah al Andalusi, on two subjects: of proof for God’s existence, and the necessity of God to justify morality.

The debate Title was: ‘Is God Necessary to Explain Reality, and provide a consistent basis for values?’

The event was held on 4th April 2017, at Nottingham University, UK.

Dr Arif Ahmed is a well known Atheist speaker in the UK, and has previously debated on numerous respected platforms against prominent Theists, like Christian apologists such as Gary Habermas [USA], Rev. Professor Keith Ward [UK] and William Lane Craig [USA] (including another debate with him at the Cambridge Union), as well as Muslim speakers, such as

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