Atheist-Theist Debate: ‘Is God Necessary to Explain Reality, and provide a consistent basis for values?’ (4th April 2017, Nottingham University)

Inshallah tomorrow (Tuesday 4th April 2017) I’ll be debating the prominent UK Atheist polemicist as well as philosopher and Cambridge professor, Arif Ahmed.

For those wondering about the name, Arif Ahmed originally came from a Muslim background (however this is irrelevant to the debate, I just mentioned to forestall questions). Arif has previously debated William Lane Craig, Tariq Ramadan, Gary Habermas, and Rev. Professor Keith Ward, so it should be an interesting debate.

As always, I request your duas to Allah (swt) for help for the expression of truth, it’s clarity from error, and the clarity in presentation of it. Ameen.

Time: 7:30pm
Room: Sir Clive Granger Building
The University Of Nottingham
NG7 2 Nottingham,
United Kingdom

No Registration Required

Note to Skimmers: As always, the event will be filmed and a put up online in due course. However, if you are in the area, you’ll benefit from attending and asking questions. The event was set up by the Nottingham Uni Atheist society so the audience seems likely to be majority Atheists/Agnostics.


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  1. Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. (quran)
    Let there be light ( genesis) It is confirmed in scriptures that cause of creation started from light, Also science relates BigBang appeared from A POINT OF SINGULARITY
    which was intense light.

    Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;
    Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
    He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;
    And there is none like unto Him.(Quran 112:1-4.)
    Humanity, will keep searching God in every click, civilization, technology,invention will be product of his searching, perhaps only few will conclude reflection of truth was in his own Self, Darwin in remote galapagos island was not searching origin of species but origin of his own Self. Ameen.


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