Event: ‘Islamophobia & Counter-Terrorism’ by Abdullah al Andalusi [9th Dec 2016, University of Surrey, UK]

The Muslim Debate Initiative

MDI’s Abdullah al Andalusi will be presenting a lecture on ‘Islamophobia & Counter-Terrorism’ at the University of Surrey, on Friday 9th December 2016. The event is organised by the University of Surrey Student Union, Islamic Society.

Time: 6pm

Room: LTD (Lecture Theatre Block, Room D)

Address: University of Surrey, GU2 7XH Guildford

Event Description (by organisers):

‘In this lecture Abdullah Al Andalusi, an inspiring international speaker, thinker and intellectual activist, will be discussing important issues relating to Britain’s counterterrorism policies. Particularly, he will explain how these have promoted the growth of islamophobia and a sense of hostility felt by many Muslims. This is an important topic we must learn about as its implications affect all of us. A Q&A session promising an interesting discussion will be offered at the end. Snacks and light refreshments will be available. Please make sure to mark this event on your calendars!’

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