A Thought for this Islamic New Year: Ras ul Sana – 1438 AH

Wishing everyone a beneficial and prosperous new year – 1438 AH Insha’Allah. That’s 1,438 years since the Prophet Muhammed (saaw) made Hijrah and established the Deen of Islam in Yathrib, renaming it ‘The City’ (al Madinah).

What is most interesting about the dating system of Islam, is that it didn’t start from the Prophet’s birth, nor when he first received revelation, nor later when Mecca was liberated, or when the revelation finally became completed. The Islamic calendar was started when the Prophet’s cause became established in a city that formed the first state of Islam, a society and leadership suffused with the Islamic world project, forming a base upon which Islam could be taken to the world – helping the weak, establishing justice and mercy to all mankind.

We should all consider the state of the Ummah today, 1438 years on from the Prophet’s achievement he strived so hard for, and consider whether we are fulfilling this great work, or neglecting it.


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