Over 100 Killed on EID ul Adha – Where’s the revulsion by the Western Media?

A few months ago, during EID ul fitr, the attacks by ISIS were highlighted by the media, and rightly viewed with revulsion by Muslims across the world [1]. Muslims were unabashedly shown by mainstream Western media outlets the carnage and lack of respect ISIS can sink to. This was spun by some Secularisers to ‘demonstrate’ how ‘Islamists’ generally were antithetical to Islam (despite the fact that ISIS are led by former Saddam officers and Secular Iraqi Baathists) [2].

However, this EID ul Adha, with equal carnage and irreverence, the Syrian Baathists demonstrated the level they can sink to, by bombing civilian areas on the day of EID [3], killing over 100 Muslims, including 9 children. Where is the outrage? Where is the condemnation against Syrian Secularism?

This is all the more important to remember, considering the amount of people killed and made to suffer at the hands of the Syrian Baathists who have killed literally hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians by bombs, starvation and torture.

If we rightly condemn the Iraqi Baathists (ISIS), then we must assuredly condemn by greater reason, the Syrian Baathists (Assad), who have killed 10 times more civilians than ISIS have over the same period that both operated in Syria [4].

Evil is still evil, whether it is done falsely wearing religious symbols over itself, or Secular nationalist ones.

[4] According to the Syrian Network of Human Rights


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  1. I sadly agree the western media does a disservice to the public by not covering event as they should,just the truth. They are just after ratings
    Mohammad Isa a American new muslim


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