My article on the Orlando Shooting published by Middle East Eye

Last week, I submitted an article to MME on the cynical exploitation of the tragic events of the Orlando shooting by hate groups, political lobbies and ideological partisans, to blame the Muslim community for the actions of a notably American criminal, and an unfortunately longstanding American problem. In the article I examine the hypocritical histories of some of the groups on the issues of rights and beliefs, and briefly look at the claims about Omar Mateen’s motivations, and examine whether the evidence supports the agenda-ridden claims.

The article is a redacted version of a larger and more detailed analysis, which will be published exclusively on this site shortly.

The article in the Middle-East Eye, can be read here.

The full version of the article’s analysis was published on this blog here.

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  1. In almost every part of the western world a Muslim surname fetch special attention and suspicion. A non- Muslim’s crimes are judged on individualistic parameter but if a Muslim commits the same crime, then his/her religion is blamed for the act. Media too often represents Islam as a terrorism perpetuating institution. I hope everybody remembers the name Adam Lanza and Seung-Hui Cho too and their killings. In fact in last 15 years media has worked as an apparatus in spreading anti Islamic sentiments all over the world.Muslims very often get trolled on social media just because of their religion. There are frequent instances of pseudo-rationale bigoted minds without any knowledge, blurting poisonous view and misinterpreting Hadith and Quranic verses.Is it that terrorism knows just Arabic and Persian and not English and Hebrew?


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