PREVIEW VIDEO: The Moment a prominent Atheist speaker ENDORSED my argument for Caliphate at debate on Secular law VS Sharia law

11108835_1483635138632456_5649634946602352636_nBelow is a preview video from the debate between me and Michael Boyd, a legal barrister and president of the Atheist Foundation of Australia, who appears regularly on Australian TV to advocate a purely secular state. Michael was invited to debate me and argue against Sharia law, and to propose that Secular laws were fairer and should be the basis for all laws.

The debate occurred in the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia on 18th September 2015. Full debate video coming soon InshaAllah.

After a good back and forth in the debate, the mood changed, and after a question was asked from the audience regarding why sharia law is not being implemented in the Muslim world, my answer led to the Atheist speaker making an amazing concession from his Secular position. It was a credit to his sincerity and shocked everyone.

IAFNSW version:

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  1. I am not sure if this is accurate as I have not seen the whole debate but it appears to me he did not concede his position. I did not see him say anywhere that he thought Sharia was fairer than secular law (which was what you were arguing). He simply states that Muslims should be able to rule their country however they want without interference.


    • What is not accurate? He believed that Secular law was fairer and therefore better for everyone than Sharia. However, seeing the issues in the Muslim world, he conceded that if Muslims wanted Sharia they should have it upon their countries – and that their countries should be re-united to pre-WW1 states. What Secularist would agree? Surely the secularist, would argue for more ‘democracy’ and ‘better’ secularism – not more sharia – to solve the middle east’s problems. Last time I checked, Secularism deems itself as necessary and universal, not ‘unless you want religious law’. And what about the non-Muslim minorities? Would a Secularist permit sharia states which have non-Muslim minorities? So I repeat, for a Secularist to say he endorses the Muslim desire for Caliphate and Sharia for the Middle East is a big concession for the Secular position.


  2. Assalamu alaikum,

    Michael Boyd mentioned someone near the end regarding shariah? who was this scholar? is his view of sharia avalible in pdf? i think he said a name by kabbani, not sure.



  3. I think shaykh Kabbani.


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