EVENT: THE STRUGGLE OF HEARTS & MINDS [Sydney, Bankstown, Australia] 6pm, Sunday 13th September 2015

After my enjoyable and intellectually lively debate yesterday with the esteemed Atheist professor, Dr Peter Slezak, the next event I will be participating in will be Inshallah: ‘The Struggle of Hearts and Minds’, alongside esteemed Sheikh Hasan El-Setony.

I will be discussing the intellectual struggle Muslims face in the West and in the wider world, and the stakes facing Islam and the cause for revival of the Muslim world in the face of foreign intervention and external ideologies. I will be discussing how Muslims can engage their wider communities, defend Islamic thoughts and ideas, and respond with wisdom and learning in the face of intellectual, social and political pressures. The esteemed Sheikh will be presenting the Spiritual (nafs) issues that Muslims face in the West, and presenting practical solutions for Muslims to reflect upon and implement.

Full details can be found here.


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