Comment to Al Jazeera: Britain & the West should stop military interventions in the Muslim world

I recently gave a comment to Al-Jazeera on the current debate amongst British politicians on military intervention in Syria against ISIS. Although ISIS has been a scourge in the region, it is no different to the scourge of the Secular Baathist dictator Bashar al Assad, nor the sectarian pro-Western Iraqi government and its allied brutal militias.

Considering that ISIS didn’t exist in Iraq or Syria before Western military intervention that invaded Iraq, toppled Saddam Hussein and led to the death of over a million Iraqis – it is safe to say that Western intervention has been the cause of most of the regions problems since World War 1.

I argued that Western intervention actually strengthens ISIS, as they claim the moral high ground as being ‘victims of the Western military’, unfortunately attracting sympathisers from long suffering Muslims in the region who have much to be angry at past Western interventions. This part was quoted in the report. However, I did tell the journalist that the West must understand that they have no right to interfere in the Muslim world, and in fact have a history of many criminal actions against the people there.

The solution is for Muslims to solve the problems of themselves, something the West has never let happen, preferring instead to maintain the dependency of Muslims upon Western power – and therefore maintain their leverage and control of globally strategic region. However, ultimately, the only way to defeat ISIS, is for the anti-Assad Syrian rebels to be undisturbed and with the support of other Muslims of the region, pursue their own strategy against Assad and ISIS – including the long desired Islamic project the rebels seek for a post-liberation Syria. They are the only ones who have in the last two years been able to hold back both ISIS and Assad, and shouldn’t interdicted in pursuing their goals nor controlled (as the U.S. and its allies have been doing).

To read the two articles produced by Al Jazeera on this politically motivated debate about British military intervention, here:

Emboldened UK government eyes ISIL strikes in Syria

also published here on Aljazeera today:

Emboldened UK government eyes ISIL strikes in Syria

I have previously debated this subject with a British colonel on Sky TV about the fallacy and injustice of British attempts to – yet again – militarily intervene in the Muslim world.

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