My Discussion with an MP on BBC Radio about Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech and plan to fight Islamic [non-violent] ‘Extremism’

On 20th July 2015, I discussed with MP Jeffrey Donaldson about David Cameron’s speech, highlighting the attempt by the UK government to bring in a raft of draconian laws. I refuted the dangerous logic espoused by David Cameron, although belief in the Islamic concept of Caliphate does not make (the vast vast majority) prone to violence, ‘it’s an idea that requires a shorter step towards violence compared with not believing in it’, by positing that it could EQUALLY be argued (and is by Islamophobes) that belief in ISLAM itself makes a Muslim ‘a shorter step towards Muslim terrorism, than a non-Muslim’, so should we then outlaw Islam now? How about Christian belief towards Abortion and Homosexuality, which have resulted in some committing acts of violence? Or what about Animal rights? This is the silly logic behind Cameron’s cause to outlaw the Muslim right to conscience and adhere to our peaceful beliefs – unmolested.

Lastly, I was asked about whether some Muslims had to answer for gender segregation in Islamic faith schools. Watch the audio below for the answer.

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