BBC Radio Debate: Should British Police publicly display support for Military Charities? (and UK government double standards on other causes)

The Muslim Debate Initiative

In the UK, Police Officers, while on duty, are permitted to display support to three government approved charities (‘Police Memorial Day’ badges, ‘Royal British Legion Remembrance Day’ poppies and ‘Help for Heroes’ badges and wristbands). The only exception in the UK to this is the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) that does not permit any displays of charity support from its officers.

On 22nd June 2015 video of Anjem Choudary arose to public attention in which he was questioning a UK police officer over why he was wearing a wrist band supporting the Army veteran charity ‘Help for Heroes’. The footage of the video raised a storm of outrage at Anjem Choudary for the provocative manner of his questioning, and from nationalists at the fact that a police officer had allowed the questioning in the first place.

Abdullah al Andalusi was invited to discuss the issue alongside retired army…

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