My appearance on BBC NEWS 24 on Charlie Hebdo, ‘Free’ Speech and the Double Standards against Muslims

I appeared on BBC News 24 (also broadcast live on BBC 1) on 13th January 2015 speaking about the recent Charlie Hebdo alleged depiction of the Prophet Muhammed (saaw) on cover. I managed to shift the discussion to the real issue – the treatment of Muslims in France and the denial of their equal rights to expression and speech enjoyed by others. At one point, shockingly, the host loses her train of thought after my responses, never seen that before. I also highlight the double standards and alarm over how the UK government is silencing political dissent and speech under the guise of dealing with ‘non-violent extremism’.

Categories: 'Freedom of Speech', MEDIA APPEARANCES, Multiculturalism (Western), North America & Muslim communities in the West, UK. Europe, North America & Muslim communities in the West

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