UK LECTURE: (Islam & Liberalism) The Real Story behind the Clash of Civilisations of Islam and the West

Every day we see more and more bad news reports about Muslims with an almost myopic focus linking ‘bad muslims’ to Islam. What is the purpose of these stories? Why is the West fixated on Muslim countries and desperately seeking to prevent Islamic revival? Is this linked to a malevolent, wider global agenda, a la Samuel P Huntingdon’s ‘Clash of Civilisations’?

Watch the lecture, filmed at the iSEEK International Summit of Essential Expert Knowledge 2014 event (26th October 2014), where I go through some common misleading narratives of the ‘War on Terror’ and delve deeper into the more fascinating truths behind the covers of what we see in the News or from history.

Many references in the lecture can be found in a previous written work ‘The Making of Western Civilisation and the War on Islam‘.

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  1. Salaam brother Abdullah

    Great lecture, unfortunately the audience you were speaking to were like the living dead.


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