Shooting Attack in Canada! Who’s to Blame?

Today, the Canadian parliament building was attacked. As of the time of writing we don’t know the identity of the assailants, but IF it turns out that Muslims were behind it – then Canada is going to become a very dark place for Muslims living there (who had nothing to do with the attacks by a few ‘lone wolves’). One of the problems that arise from such attacks are, no matter how many millions of people are peaceful, it only takes one person to give an opportunity for the Islamophobes to demonise an entire community – and give the Government an EXCUSE to take away more and more of (everyone’s) legal rights.

I feel sorry for the Muslim community in Canada, for Western intolerance against holistic Islam, is about to ramp up (even more). If you’re looking for anyone to blame for the violence, there are two groups involved: The ones who committed the violent attacks, and the ones who (helping America) ordered the sending of  violence overseas, via bomber jets and soldiers to the Middle East for the past 13 years, that radicalised those ‘Lone Wolf’ attackers in the first place.

The Islamic prohibition against Muslims breaking their covenants of peace within the countries they live in is well known (and undisputed) amongst the Muslim community – however, just because Islam prohibits something doesn’t mean every Muslim is going to stick to that prohibition. The problem with Muslims is that they are Human, and many Muslims break the Islamic laws, and do bad things. Unfortunately, it takes only one unstable Muslim to become violent, to cause these incidents you see. You can’t blame Islam for that, you can only blame the weakness of the individual for letting their emotions of anger at Western foreign policy run wild. We have two options to stop this – stop a foreign policy that supports the war OF Terror, or stop Muslims caring about Islam and the Ummah (i.e. stop them from following Islam and hence ceasing to care about their fellow Muslims suffering around the world). While I think we should do the former, the politicians of these countries want to do the latter. Why is that? Because Western politicians of such countries follow the Materialistic ideology of Secular Liberalism, and when Rights of a minority are not convenient anymore, they will happily pick the more convenient material option – because in the end, in Western philosophy, ‘Rights’ are immaterial things that become ‘immaterial’ against material considerations (1).

However, in additions to blaming individuals behind ‘lone wolf’ attacks in Western countries, let us also BLAME the governments in countries which use their military in to commit acts of Terrorism against other people around the world. If the worst of Terrorists is the one who has killed the most, and if all Human life is equal, then the terrorists in government are far worse, having killed many THOUSANDS of lives in the Middle East (many of them innocent civilians that were deemed ‘acceptable collateral’ damage).

In an ideal world, these politicians would be brought to court to answer for their crimes, however in the absence of this, we must engage in PEACEFUL intellectual and political campaigning to raise awareness amongst the general populations of the West about what their governments do to create political pressure. However we all know that Democracy DOESN’T represent the will of the people – and the Canadian non-Muslim public are just as powerless to control their government as the Muslim minority living there is – but we must try from the Halal (i.e. peaceful) means to deprive the Islamophobes and media from getting the Canadian people to go along with unjust and counter-productive persecution measures against the Muslim community there.

Furthermore, Muslims must PEACEFULLY invite the Muslim world to change their tyrannical Secular regimes, into ones that implement Islam, and therefore would act on Islamic Foreign policies which would attempt to stop allowing Western military penetration into Muslim lands in the first place.

May Allah (swt) protect the Muslim people in Canada and the wider non-Muslim public in Canada, BUT also may Allah (swt) protect the people of the Middle East from the actions of the Terrorists bombing them using jets, drones and cruise missiles.

However, we know what will happen now with the Canadian government, I fear, there will come a time when the native Indians of Canada will look upon the Muslims living in Canada and say ‘Poor Muslims, they get treated worse than us’.

Further Reading:
Glenn Greenwald argues Canada’s involvement in foreign Wars is the cause of Terror attacks.


(1) Jeremy Bentham, founder of the Western philosophy of Utilitarianism, described the belief that Human rights are derived from ‘Nature’ as ‘Nonsense on stilts’. He posits a materialistic basis for rights, conditioned to material benefit, arguing that rights are conditional on material benefits it yields.

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  1. Non muslims has no rights in muslim countries, non muslims can not even worship their god in these muslim countries.


  2. I want to state this very clearly before I make this statement: I condemn the violence committed in the name of Islam in these and other recent attacks. They are wrong, and Muslims should absolutely not be doing them.

    That being said, attacking soldiers is not a terrorist attack. The UN describes terrorist attacks as targeting civilians. Soldiers are not civilians. What Major Hasan did and what happened in Canada, while unfortunate, illegal, and immoral, is not and cannot be terrorism. People who are paid by the state to participate directly or indirectly in violent foreign policy do not have clean hands, are taught to be on guard and alert due to their status in the military, and are not innocent bystanders.

    I say this first and foremost as a disabled OEF veteran. You cannot consider attacks on military personnel as terrorism. This is a case of the West eating its cake and having it, too, because the West would NEVER call drone attacks that maim and/or kill innocent bystanders terrorism, even though it is.


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