Is ‘Islamic State’ (ISIS) Undermining Syrian revolution? (Al Jazeera English, 5th July 2014)

The Al-Qaeda offshoot, ISIS (now called ‘Islamic State’ [I.S.]) is accused of fighting rival groups more than Syrian security forces. Folly Bah Thibault speaks to Isabel Nassief – research analyst at the Institute for the Study of War; Abdullah Al Andalusi – political analyst and speaker on Islamic Affairs; and Shiraz Maher – senior research fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at Kings College London.

The Al Jazeera English program ‘Inside Syria’ discusses the Syrian conflict, ISIS and American Foreign Policy.

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  1. I support your opinion on ISIS, bro.
    In fact, ISIS are the khawarij of this time. The prophet (PBUH) has proficied their appearance. They are featured with “legitimate” Islamic banners but wrong deeds.

    They are the same mentality of the group that fought with Ali Bin Talib. Abu Muljim who assassinated Ali Bin Talib was one of them. And while Muslims were applying the capital punishment against Abu Muljim, he was reciting Quran!

    Khawarij been always thinking they are the representatives of Islam. 3rd. Khalifa (Othman) fought them. 4th Khalifa (Ali) fought them. And it was Khalifa (Moaweya) who succeeded silence their voice for a while.

    They claim to be Sunnies, but they have no problem not only killing the real Sunnies but their women and children as well. The prophet said about the “prophesied” Khawarij … “Killing them is better than killing the kafirs. And who mertyres on that course is rewarded the prize of “two” mertyres”

    ISIS is 21st. Cen Khawarij. Who stayed silent until the Islamic ripple had achieved some success against the secular Alawi regime in Syria, and now they got to fish in dirty waters assaulting the Islamic ripples to gain their geographical and political achievements.

    In my opinion, fighting against ISIS has higher proiority than Asad forces today!


  2. Video no longer available in usa



  1. Is ‘Islamic State’ (ISIS) Undermining Syrian revolution? (Al Jazeera English, 5th July 2014) | Souria Houria – Syrie Liberté – سوريا حرية

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