Event: Syria – The ‘Forbidden’ Conflict

I have been invited to speak on the conflict in Syria on Sunday 27th April 2014. Please join me and a number of speakers, to discuss the issues facing the Muslim world today, including the issues and pressures coming from Western governments trying to control Muslim reactions and solidarity with the Syria conflict.

Note from Organisers:

The Syrian revolution is distinct in character from the rest of the ‘Arab Spring’. In recent months Muslims in the UK came under increased pressure in relation to their solidarity with our oppressed Ummah in Syria.

We welcome you to this regional event to hear the address of national speakers and contribute to a panel discussion, on how we should meet such challenges


Abdullah Al Andalusi – Muslim Debate Initiative
Mohammad Jihangeer – Centre for Muslim Affairs
Dr Reda Pankhurst – Hizb ut Tahrir
Shaykh Suleman Ghani – TV Presenter
Ustadh Uthman Lateef – Hittin Institute
Victoria Brittain – Journalist / Writer

Visit facebook event page.

Make your reservation here.

Syria - the forbidden conflict

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