Debate at the Oxford University on the Motion ‘This House is Proud to be Patriotic’

On Thursday 14 November 2013, I will be debating at Oxford University on the topic of whether Patriotism and Nationalism is Good or Bad. The debate is run by one of the oldest university debating societies in the UK, the Oxford Union, and will begin around 8:30pm (doors open at 7:30pm).

The Debate will be filmed and uploaded onto youtube by the Oxford Union.


The Debate Motion: ‘This House is Proud to be Patriotic’


SIMON BLACKABY (student) – Secretary’s Committee, St John’s
VARUN SIVARAM – ex-Secretary’s Commitee, St John’s
JONATHAN FREEDLAND – British journalist and columnist for The Guardian
MP BILL CASH – One of the most Eurosceptic MPs in Parliament


MATT HANDLEY (student) – Chariman of Debates Selection Committee, St Hugh’s
EDIE FRIEDMAN – Director of Jewish Council for Racial Equality
PETER TATCHELL – political campaigner, recently called for the abandonment of the British national anthem
ABDULLAH AL ANDALUSI – founder of the public discussion forum The Muslim Debate

————————- Amendment

Unfortunately Federico Trillo and MP Nadhim Zahawi have pulled out since the termcard publication, but Bill Cash and a student have been called in to replace them.


The debate is open to Oxford Union members only. To join, either go online or come to our General Office at our buildings.

Doors will open from around 7.30pm, with a students-only emergency debate on another motion to happen at 7.45pm before the university education debate.

As usual there will be an extended section of the main debate in which members are encouraged to make speeches from the floor.

To contact the oxford Union please click here.

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