Truth and the Fire

A Poem of Truth and the Fire

And who can doubt the similitude of truth, to a flame?

Truth destroys falsehood and consumes it

Is it not evident in the example of Hell?

Created by He that is the Truth (Al Haqq)

It consumes falsehood, of both idols and hearts

Likewise, truth’s advocate (da’i) – a firestarter

Setting fires amongst the dry decayed weeds of lies, and vines of deceit

So that a purified earth can bring forth the good fruits

Thus does fire produce light and heat

Do you not see how the one who rejects truth, writhes in torment when they hear it?

Thus the disbelievers, ever concerned, do ask thee in accusation:

“Have you started a fire?!”

Say: Yes, the Fire Rises…

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  1. This helps when you feel like the whole world is covered in evil and deception . Egyptians are being suffocated with repression and only the truth will set us free……. Thanks


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