The Human Rights Debate

European court of human rights

I’ve been invited by the European Law Students Association (ELSA) to participate in a panel debate on the European Human Rights and its clash with the values and culture of various religions and their expression.

I will be looking into the real reason behind the European conflict between people’s religious rights, and the general ‘human rights’ advocated by Liberalism which causes a clash, and defending the Sharia and the inalienable right and duty of Muslims (and others) to live according to their own beliefs and conscience.

I will be joined on the panel by Rabbi Zalman, Dr. Elizabeth Craig, a lecturer on Human Rights, and another panelist from the Sussex Atheist and Humanist Society.

The event takes place at Sussex University (UK), on wednesday 10th April 2013, 5:00pm

(time has been updated from the previous post)

For those who wish to attend, more details can be found here:

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