The Purpose of Life – A Message Delivered

A recording of one of my ‘Purpose of Life’ lectures that I delivered in Canada recently, has now been uploaded. This video was filmed at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada on 24th January 2013. The title of the lecture is ‘Message Delivered’.

My thanks to NYMink and the University of Saskatchewan for uploading the video.

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  1. This was a great lecture brother Abdullah. Thank you.


  2. Salam, whenever you say something about Allah make sure it’s backed up with scripture.


    • what was said about Allah (swt) that went against scripture?


      • This is from my personal experience, and I wanted to share something because you do arguments that might lead to this.

        Sometimes when we use philosophical arguments we don’t use the Qur’an to back up what we’re saying, this may cause us to call God by a name He hasn’t given us knowledge of etc.

        This can actually lead to someone saying wrong things with no evidence from God (Exalted be He) that they have been given, and or remember.

        So I’m just trying to give you a kind warning, sorry if this felt bad or personal.

        JazakAllahu Khair.


      • What was said about Allah (swt) that went against scripture? (apart from use of the English language).


      • I was just warning you, it didn’t occur as far as I can remember in sha Allah. But I was warning you because I came close to doing it with comparisons.



  1. Canada Lecture Tour 2015: ‘The Messenger – The Legacy of Earth’s Mightiest Messenger’ | Abdullah al Andalusi

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