Defeatism, Paranoia and “The Arrivals” conspiracy series

One of the biggest problems Muslims face, is the defeatism and paranoia that pervades the Muslim mind, i.e. people who think Freemasons control the world (which was borrowed by Muslims from previous fundamentalist Christian conspiracy theorists). Recently, the worst culprit was the fallacious video called ‘The Arrivals’. They seem to think that a group of humans can control everything that happens in the world, humans, animals and nature, to the point it verges on Shirk (deification of the created). Again these people have been successful at causing fatalism and defeatism to fester and retard the revival of the Islamic civilisation. Which is, ironically, exactly what the enemies of Islam want. So for all you Arrivals fanatics out there, stop chasing shadows and watch this:

Imam Suhaib Webb makes a good point about the disease of conspiracy theorising which is running through the Muslim community. I have spoken about this topic a few times, but I believe Imam Suhaib has dealt with this topic more succinctly (and humorously) in this clip here:

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  1. Excellent choice of topic, not covered enough and loses Muslims a lot of credibility. The main confusion is when Muslims mix satanism/AntiChrist worship and freemasonary which genuinly exist with the fictional “illuminati” which loses us credibility all together on both. Along with Muslims, even some Islamophobes believe in the illuminati each putting their own spin on the so called organisation.


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