Muslim family collectively punished for connection to Man prosecuted in a UK Court

I want to bring something to your attention. This is in regards to last months case in regards to Munir Farooqi who has been accused of terrorism for attempting to enlist men to go to Afghanistan to join the insurgency against foreign troops, and was given four life sentences; however his son Harris Farooqi was found not guilty in the same trial.

Regardless of any conviction, according to a source close to the family, the whole family is being collectively punished and being thrown out of their home by the Police. If this is true, we can only ask why? Who do the police want to seize the property and leave the family homeless though they are innocent of any crime? Under International law it is ILLEGAL to punish a whole family (5 adults [including the man they found not guilty] and 2 children, one being 8 months old) for the alleged crimes of another person. The source close to the family urgently requires that we all please sign the petition against this inhumanity , we only have 2 weeks to get as many signatures as we can to save the family from being made destitute.

The form can be found here:

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