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The History of Western Philosophy Course

A look at 2,700 years of Western philosophy, from the rise of Ancient Greece, Rome, Christianity until the Enlightenment-era and modern day (11 sessions)

A Study of Modern Western Schools of Political Thought

A look at the history of modern Western Political Philosophy and an in-depth look at the various political schools/sects within Western civilisation (12 sessions)

The Dawah MasterClass Course [coming soon]

A comprehensive scientific, historical, philosophical and anthropological look at the natural world, human beliefs and alternate cosmological positions throughout history, as well as hypothetical ‘possibilities’, concluding in a demonstration of how Islam must be the only possible explanation of reality (13 sessions + 11 tutorials)

The Palestine Advocacy Course

A look at the history of Palestine, Zionism and the Israeli state and a critical review of the arguments for and against Zionism and the illegal occupation of Palestine (10 sessions)

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