New online/onsite Course: ‘The Madhabs of Western Civilisation

The Quran Institute Presents: ‘The Madhabs of Western Civilisation by Ustadh Abdullah Al-Andalusi’

Bismillahir Rahman Ar-Raheem
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We are extremely excited to announce the sequel to our previous course “The Usuliyyun of Western Civilisation” called “The Madhabs of Western Civilisation” delivered by Ustadh Abdullah Al Andalusi
Tickets for upcoming Western Madhabs Course:
For those who want to catch up with the previous course, you now have a chance to get recorded access. Our new course starts on 18th October 2019. That’s on Friday from 6:30pm onwards, the same venue as before.
Tickets for access to the previous Western Usuliyyoon Course:

Instructor info:

Ustadh Abdullah Al Andalusi, click here for more info

Course description

The Madhabs (schools of thought) of Western Civilisation, will be an Intermediate level course taught at The Quran Institute. The course is ideal for attendees to understand, navigate and engage the multiple ideologies, schools of thought, factions and bases for morality that underpin modern western politics and foreign policies with clarity – which is often lacking even amongst western political commentators.
Additionally, the course will provide attendees with an understanding of Islamic political imperatives, and a comparison with Islamic political philosophy, and how the system of Sharia and Islamic solutions to global problems are not only solidly intellectually grounded, but also are superior solutions for humans and human nature.
The course will Insha’Allah equip attendees with a firm grounding to engage Western political thought, navigate between the schools of thought, and demonstrate the lack of intellectual authority, consistency or efficacy of Western political and moral ideas.


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