Zara Faris clears confusion on whether Muslims need Feminism

I’ve written a lot about Muslims and Feminism on this site, and I thought it would be a good idea to highlight the sterling work of sister Zara Faris, who is also member of the Muslim Debate Initiative. She has debated Feminists on whether women need Feminism generally, but has also debated the topic ‘Do Muslims Need Feminism?’ on TV.

To showcase the lively and fascinating  discussion which was televised live on the Islam Channel on 6th September 2013, I’ve included a link below. The program discussed and debated on the topic of feminism, and whether Muslims need feminism, or whether calling for comprehensive Islamic rights is what is needed.

Guests are:
Zara Faris (Muslim Debate Initiative)
Catherine Heseltine (Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK)
Iqbal Nasim (National Zakat Foundation)

For further work by Zara Faris, please visit the MDI website here. Zara has also produced a succinct refutation of Feminism, which can be read here.

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2 replies

  1. Can’t believe how poor Catherine’s contributions to the discussion have been – am highly impressed however with Zara’s understanding, insights and articulation thereof – well done!


  2. Excellent contributions by Zara – knowledgable, clear, articulate, and importantly, make sense!


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